Vanguard SMP Academy

When it comes to gaining new skills or upgrading existing ones, nothing is as important as the level of training you will receive. Vanguard SMP Academy is dedicated to providing our students with the necessary skills to become successful technicians in the SMP field. You will be learning all core fundamentals from hairline design to pigment and needle selection as well as all the critical SMP elements necessary to master true technique.

Why choose Vanguard Academy?

Vanguard Academy offers small group trainings that center our students in maximizing their potential to learn material in a safe and no judgment environment. We teach a comprehensive theory of SMP in combination with strong practical work necessary to guide the student on their new path into the SMP industry.
Our trainings utilize both online and in-person learning environments that create a dynamic and unique experience for the new artist. Our trainers’ objective is to connect to each student and tailor the training based on their particular strengths and weaknesses. We take a hands-on approach from DAY ONE, maximizing your time in developing your unique technique and fine-tuning your craft so that you are ready and confident in applying these skills in the real world.
Upon completion of your training at Vanguard Academy you will receive your SMP Core Fundamentals Certification. This acknowledgment indicates that you have displayed the necessary understanding and skill to perform SMP.
We at Vanguard Academy believe in emphasizing to our students the importance of extended and continued practice after your training has concluded. That is why we offer complimentary ongoing mentoring in addition to your training to ensure your success. This is a vital and necessary part for all students aiming to master the craft of SMP.
Scalp Micropigmentation

Meet your Trainer

Dennis Romero is the Founder and Lead Practitioner of Vanguard SMP, based in sunny Orlando, FL.
Due to his extensive and unique level of training under internationally recognized SMP grandmasters, Dennis is poised to offer his students the knowledge and deep insight into the inner workings of the craft known as Scalp Micropigmentation.
As a natural artist, Dennis spent 4 years at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City studying Art and Design. Here he honed his love of art and aesthetics that he would later apply to the world of SMP. He also ventured into the healing art of Massage Therapy, working in the state of Florida as a licensed practitioner for many years. This unique combination of artistry, joined with a deep understanding of the healing arts is a rare combination in the SMP world. Dennis understands the value of compassion and creating an environment that nurtures learning in a safe unorthodox approach. This presents a great opportunity for anyone seeking to learn the craft of SMP from a world-renowned master artist.

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