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Scalp Micropigmentation

Scalp Micropigmentation

SMP For Men

Hair for men historically has been a symbol of strength, youth virility and overall health. Although we know a man can possess all of these qualities with or without hair these messages are embedded in our psyche and affect our perception of ourselves.
Many men experience their first encounter with hair loss early in their young adulthood. This most of the time is simply genetics. However all men will experience some degree of hair loss at some point, usually by mid life. A receded hairline and thinning of the crown is termed male pattern balding and it is irreversible.
There are many temporary remedies, and It is safe to say most men have exhausted many of these before they find us. The "too good to be true" remedy is always reliably just that.
As the founder of Vanguard SMP studios I myself have been through the gauntlet of hair loss remedies from a very early age; 19 to be exact.
So from deep personal experience I understand the frustration of coping with hairloss and the search for a solution.
Hair follicle replication tattoo mimics the natural pattern of the clients hair. Areas of balding are blended into existing hair for a seamless undetectable finish. The end result is inevitably a more youthful look and a new hairline that accentuates and compliments their bone structure and facial features.
We are accustomed here at vanguard to witness the overwhelming joy and disbelief of our clients upon completion of their treatments with us.

SMP For Women

Across continents and culture hair for women has deep symbolic and psychological meaning. It is often associated with femininity itself, seduction and freedom of expression.
Scalp micropigmentation (hair tattoo) is the non-invasive non-surgical solution of applying micro impressions into the upper dermal layers of the skin.
Female pattern baldness differs from the male in its appearance and by the fact that it is not caused by the hormone DHT and therefore usually does not result in complete balding. Both however are permanent and irreversible.
In females the loss is usually found in patches, or in an overall thinning of the hair throughout the scalp .
Scalp micropigmentation treats Female pattern balding by camouflaging The high contrast that exists between the darker hair and the lighter scalp.
The final result is an overall appearance of higher volume and density in the hair.
Although differing In its approach to smp treatments for men, the outcome for female SMP (hair tattoo) is just as dramatic. And the impact on self image is just as profound.

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