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Frequently Asked Questions

When performed correctly, Scalp Micropigmentation is a completely natural and undetectable solution formost types of hair loss. Its versatility is useful in creating the illusion of thicker hair when thinning is present. As well as restoring a receded hairline found mostly in male pattern balding.
The micro impressions perfectly mimic the look of natural follicles that remain undetectable even under close observation.

Over time SMP will lighten and what is known as a touch up will be required. This revitalizes the effects of time and sun exposure and restores the scalp micro pigmentation to its original finish. Generally,for most clients the SMP will last between 2-4 years before a touch is needed.

The cost of Scalp Micro Pigmentation varies from client to client depending on how much hair loss is present. The size of the areas that need to be treated will determine the cost.
During your consultation with Vanguard your technician will assess your particular hair loss and tailor a plan of action for your upcoming treatment. At this time, you will be informed of what the price will be for your particular case. SMP or Scalp Micro Pigmentation can range anywhere between 500 - 3500+.

At Vanguard SMP every Hairline is customized to the particular needs of the client. Our Master technicians will carry out a full analysis of your facial features before choosing your hairline. Your features serve as natural markers for where your new hairline should be recreated. The clients input on how they visualize their particular hairline, as well as the professional opinion of the master technician will come together to execute the most desired and natural hairline.
It is important when choosing a hairline to consider, age, occupation and lifestyle. This helps ensure the most appropriate hairline for the client will be selected.

The vast majority of people who undergo SMP only experience what can be described as a tolerable or mild discomfort. As with most bodily sensations including pain there’s a spectrum of tolerance, every person’s threshold for discomfort is different. Most clients describe the sensation as more of nuisance than pain. In contrast with a traditional tattoo Scalp Micro pigmentation is far less painful due to the fact that SMP only reaches two layers into the skin’s dermis.

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