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Density Treatment

Density Treatment

SMP can be utilized by both men and women to add extra density to both general and localized thinning throughout the scalp. Density treatments are a reliable method of giving one's hair the appearance of being much thicker and fuller. This is a great option for female pattern balding as well as transplant clients who are unsatisfied with the fullness of their hair transplantation surgery.

How Can SMP Help You?

Through the implantation of micro impressions that replicate the complex pattern of hair growth on the scalp, we can achieve the illusion of greater density in clients with thinning hair. These impressions are placed meticulously and with great care until the desired density is achieved. As with all cosmetic treatments there are limitations, and these must be fully understood and disclosed by your practitioner. Density treatments can only succeed if the client seeking help has enough existing hair to facilitate the camouflage of the scalp, which then creates the illusion of a luscious, more full head of hair. Hairlines and the overall densitycan be reinforced with this treatment, but in order to maintain undetectability, the impression must remain within the boundaries of the existing hair. This is a highly successful treatment for qualified candidates.

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