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Permanent Cosmetics

Cashmere Brows by Vanguard

Cashmere brows are a signature PMU service by Vanguard. A soft, organic and flowing brow that draws inspiration from nature. At vanguard we design brows free from unnatural contour lines reminiscent of outdated PMU techniques. Our procedure will create a subtle yet dramatically elegant result for the client seeking the most elevated brow aesthetic.
Cashmere Brows Treatment - $475.00

Kissable Lips by Vanguard

Is a semi-permanent PMU procedure of the lips that creates definition and gives a hint of color that will make your lips look more voluptuous, symmetrical and restore to them the blush of youth.
Kissable lips technique is a subtle form of lip micropigmentation that allows for enhancement of lip color with a natural translucent effect. In this procedure the intensity of the color can be modified to suit the clients wishes.
Kissable Lips Treatment - $650.00

Misty Eyeliner by Vanguard

Misty eyeliner by Vanguard-is new approachto eyelash enhancements creating a soft starlight effect of subtle and sensuous pixilation’s giving our clients a timeless look of elegance.
Misty Liner - $650.00
Winged Liner - $450.00
Petite Eye Tattoo - $350.00
Lash Line Enhancement - $300.00

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