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About Us

Treated By The Best

Dennis: An award nominated SMP artist who has come to be known for his insurmountable dedication to achieving excellence in his field. During his meteoric rise in the industry, he has had the opportunity to work with the most brilliant SMP Masters. This, while challenging, also allowed him to observe from only the best and implement this knowledge and skill to the benefit of his clients.
Having faced the trauma of hair loss himself, Dennis is in a unique position to empathize with his clients and provide them with a singular personalized service based on understanding their expectations and catering to their needs.

Why Choose Us

Personalized Treatment

Vanguard SMP personalizes every treatment from beginning to end, ensuring you will receive the outcome you desire. At Vanguard SMP, we guarantee every treatment and maintain communication with every client to ensure satisfaction.

Certified Professionals

Vanguard SMP employs only certified professionals trained in the use of medical grade equipment and pigments designed to be used for Scalp Micropigmentation. Every procedure is performed with sterile, single-use needles while following SMP best practices to maintain the ultimate in hygiene.

Affordable Pricing

Vanguard SMP is a privately owned and operated business. Because we are not a franchise, we don’t have to pay huge franchise fees or associated costs. This allows us to provide you with a more affordable procedure.

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We have worked with clients all over the midwest, including those who require a more discreet visit. Always committed to providing the best service in this industry, while ensuring you get the desired look and comfort every step of the way.
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